Ahmad Zohadi was born in Tehran on 2nd May 1969, and he graduated in civil engineering at Tehran Azad University in 1992, and he has specialized in various fields of architecture during the past 20 years with many international universities.

Ahmad Zohadi is visionary leadership and planner ideas with the global missions in the fields of Architecture and Culture, architectural scholar, theoretician, researcher, author and publisher.
He is founder of 2A Architecture & Art Magazine [International Hub for Architectural Studies] 2aincorp.com which have been publishing since 2005 and also Iranian Architecture & Construction [Memary] Magazine memary.net which have been publishing since 2003.

He is also the Founder, Director, and the organizer of following 2A International Activities and Architectural Events:

  • 2A Annual Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA]
  • 2A City- Architecture Movie Award [2ACAMA]
  • 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective
  • 2A Center of Paragon City [Urban Interaction Forum]
  • 2A Gallery for Contemporary Art [Presentation of Creativity and Innovation]
  • 2A International Institute of Architecture & Culture
  • 2A Center for Architectural Research & Developments

He believes that 2A Magazine is much more than a specialized architectural and art media, it amplifies the voices of the architects and artists to promote cultural understanding and innovate the space and environment as the International Hub for Architectural Studies.

Based on his target points, The magazine’s contents and themes of the 2A activities, focuses on the following significant viewpoints:

  • Well-Balanced Living and Multidimensional Growth & Progress
  • Creating a Better Living Space in Cities around the Globe
  • Integrating Various Aspects of Architecture (Social, Cultural and Environmental)

Note: 2A Magazine is also a communication tool for Architecture & Art, which focuses on social and cultural points in all dimensions of form, figure and space which absolutely affects our lives.
Furthermore, it provided a platform for sharing ideas of various origins about different themes, which could be an effective way for recognition of architectural features and the reality of today’s life.

In accordance to the regulation of 2A Magazine, Ahmad has already invited professionals and faculty members [as the guest editors] of the well-known international universities in various themes and issues of 2A Magazine such as:
The University of UTAH – The Catholic University of America – Harvard University – North Carolina State University – University of Kansas Ajman University of Science & Technology – Canadian University Dubai.
He has also cooperated with the following universities & institutes which have been academic partners and host of the 2A Continental Architectural Awards (as head of the organizing committee of 2ACAA in the previous years).
Istanbul Technical University – Academy of Fine arts Vienna – Beuth Hochschule Fur Technik Berlin – IaaC in Barcelona – Polytechnic University of Madrid

In addition to managing the 2A Architecture & Art Magazine and its professional activities, Ahmad Zohadi is also involved in the field of making Film, he is director and producer of documentary architectural movies with a cultural and social approach and some international movies have been made by him that reflects Observation and evaluation of the creative and thoughtful ideas alongside bringing two arts of architecture and movie together and presenting innovative space in a unique presentation of architecture and urban design