“Vision for a plan to build 2A International Center in near future”
An Interview with Nasrin Mansour, PhD & Anat Geva، PhD
By Ahmad Zohadi
October 2019

Nesrine Mansour, PhD

Anat Geva, PhD


  1. What specifically can provoke effective International dialogue and Interaction about the highest levels of design in response to the world’s greatest current and future needs?

In order to respond to the world’s greatest current and future needs which we see as huge migration and displacement of people, the program should focus on the physical and spiritual needs of the population. For both, the new center can serve as an international program for communication, design collaboration on housing projects as well as houses of worship. This type of activities can be done by focusing on digital design and virtual architecture that can enhance those international design activities. It can be manifested in architecture (housing) and spiritual art. For instance, the creation of digital exhibitions where people are immersed in buildings and art. This could be attained whether by making interactive spaces where people can use their own digital devices to interact with the art, or the art itself is in a digital form.

  1. What dynamically conducive spatial qualities, programs, methods and atmospheres can create, support & encourage transcendent, break through workshops and studios for short term educational and professional courses in the fields of Design?

Since one of the activities is focusing on architecture, culture, and spirituality, then the spiritual effect needs to be conveyed through the design of the space. This could be achieved by incorporating architectural elements capable of evoking spiritual feelings and emotions. One of the most important element to consider would be light. Indeed, architectural lighting plays a primordial role in evoking emotions, spiritual or not. I propose to design the space with light, especially since the location is in the middle east, where light is the most abundant source.

  1. What new methods for promotion of Architectural/Cultural dialogue and exchange of ideas may be used in the center and also incorporated in advancing, enhancing 2A Magazine in this same space?

In order to promote architectural and cultural dialogue the center should provide opportunities of international collaboration within the center’s members. For example, creating an annual meeting/conference/symposium where collaborative works can be presented while offering new possibilities for other members to acquire information about each other’s research. Since I mentioned the necessity of digital presence above, there could also be an online conference/symposium established to facilitate people’s connecting from all over the world without the hassle of being physically present in the space.

  1. How can this center become a place to facilitate a smooth connection between people and create a natural motivation subconsciously to help the growth of a spiritually inspired architecture and art?

There are several ways to facilitate the smooth connection while helping the growth of

spiritually inspired architecture and art. For instance:

  • Designate a shared physical and/or virtual space for connecting with others, to meditate, perform rituals and ceremonies
  • Create physical and/or digital green spaces using light, water, and sound to enhance spiritual emotions. The roof could be an option for this kind of space, especially if the views of the surrounding environment could help trigger those emotions more. If it becomes a virtual space, a 360 degrees views can be be streaming while people are virtually entering that space.
  • Establish a creative space where members can express their creativity through different media: painting, sculpture, drawing, physical and digital model making, writing.