Featuring informaion on two major events:

– 2A International Competition

– 2A International Conference


The Dubai based 2A magazine is emerging as the leading architecture magazine of the region. Each issue of 2A focuses on a new theme that is contemporary and relevant to region as well as globally. The previous issue # 8 of the magazine linked interiors to urban environments and included a collection of specialized articles and presentations of projects. I would like to thank Prof. John Alexander Smith for his leadership as guest editor of issue #8.

The current issue #9 is dedicated to the architecture and urbanism of retail and shopping. Prof. George Katodrytis and I have gathered articles and projects that are significant to this cultural phenomenon. A group of individuals, design firms and developers have been invited to present their concepts and projects.

In order to expand the theme and understand current trends, techniques and the practice of designing for retail, a conference with the title “Boutique City: Designing for Sale” is scheduled to take place on 17 November 2008 in Dubai. 2A magazine will host this conference. Thus the magazine print as well as the forthcoming conference on retail will form an educational and professional platform for the practice of interior design, architecture and urban design and the challenge of retail spaces. This is a new approach by the magazine. Beyond focusing on a specialized subject, a public conference will be organized to link to each issue. Design personalities from around the world will be invited as keynote speakers. A report on the unique content of each conference will be published in the issue to follow.

The subject and theme of the next issue will be “Defining Dubai’s emerging 21st century urbanism and landscape”. Following the city’s uncompromised surge for development over the last 10 years, we will challenge to understand and define what Dubai now is and where is going.

We are very pleased that our ongoing “Dubai 2A International Architectural Students and Young Architects Competition” has achieved an unprecedented success. Within the context of a design competition it has

for the first time- placed Dubai in the frontline of architectural discourse among young architects around the world. The level of interest overwhelms us and we respond with utmost professionalism and according to the rules that the jury and the technical committee have established. Currently we have received over 400 registrations from 56 countries. We are looking forward to the submissions that will generate discussions between the international design community and the inhabitants of our city. The submission of the proposals will be on 10 January 2009 and the awards ceremony and exhibition of the projects will be held on 27 March 2009.

In this issue we are announcing the second competition by 2A. More details on the brief and the jury will be included in the next issue #10.

I hope that you will enjoy reading 2A and as always we are interested to receive your comments and articles. You can contact me directly to [email protected] .