A Message from Editor in Chief
Ahmad Zohadi
Founder, Editor in Chief, CEO, Publisher & Organizer

2A Magazine:

2A Magazine has been involved with various activities and organizations throughout the past 16 years. Each and every one of these activities were meant to improve the quality of lives for all of humanity. However, these activities and organizations has acted in a separate manner and in a somehow decentralized fashion.

2A Academy of Innovative Ideas in Architecture

In order to be more effective and efficient, 2A Academy of Innovative Ideas in Architecture [2AIIA] brings all the 2As’ activities under one umbrella.
This Academy’s goal is to improve standard of living, by raising awareness about environment, sustainable development and well- balanced living, sharing and suggesting creative and innovative ideas and methods for multidimensional growth and progress, respecting and taking in to consideration various cultures, costumes, religions, ethnic and social beliefs, and covering many other aspects of social life.
In order to achieve this goal, the activity plans to act in a more coordinated manner while organizing its future International events, by presenting all these activities together, side by side. In doing so, the participants of various groups of activities can easily interact together and share their creative & innovative ideas and projects in their related profession.
And collectively they can come up with a more holistic vision and strategy which would cover all the essential dimensions needed to achieve a well-balanced and progressive way of living for humans , by helping them to put to practice the learned lessons, knowledge and strategies which lead them to respect the environment, takes in to consideration and promotes respect and caring for their fellow human beings , regardless of their ethnic, cultural , social, religious and economic backgrounds.
2A Academy intends to establish a polyphonic relationship with the professional, international audience and should therefore focus on structures that make this relationship possible with-in its most comprehensive form.
Today, despite major achievements in communication media, our world is greatly in need of interrelated dialogue, which can decrease notions of negligence and hostility. No doubt, understanding one another can lead us to a more
peaceful yet innovative and lively neighborhood.
Hence, we constantly keep in mind the realities of the world and still deeply believe in the importance of local culture.
Moreover, the diversity of works and articles presented in 2A Magazine clearly reflect the concept we follow.
The following activities and organizations will all continue their operation , however in a centralized manner , and will incliuds various activities and events organized by 2A Academy of Creative & Innovative Ideas in Architecture.

Paragon City “Center for Studies of Urban Development & Well – Balanced Living”:
The 2A Academy introduces an initiative called “Paragon City” to create an improved in-habitat for inhabitants from
all over the world. With this, we establish a framework that helps leaders make over the vision into an accomplishment, using space as a significant source for development as well as engaging stakeholders along the way.
Urban planning is the process of determining the physical setting for life in metropolitan cities, towns as well as
villages. It is the art of creating places. It entails the design and planning of structures, groups of buildings, spaces as
well as landscapes, and ascertaining the processes that make booming urban development possible.
Urban planning is a helpful force for city leaders to accomplish sustainable development. It is a way to bring about a
difference. Urban design and planning help make the most out of community budgets by notifying infrastructure as
well as services investments, balancing demands for growth with the requirement to save the environment from harm. It distributes economic development within a specified region to arrive at social goals. It creates a scaffold for the alliance between local governments, the private sector as well as the community at large.

Architectural Encyclopedia [2A Archipedia]:
2A ArchiPedia is conceptualized, developed, organized and established by 2A Academy. It is a formal forum designed
for the purpose of bringing international architects together under a single umbrella to facilitate easy architectural networking and professional interaction between architects from different continents. It is a unique global opportunity for architects all across the globe to enrich and expand their architectural knowledge and visualize and augment the future architectural possibilities vividly. Another significant reason for the formation of 2A ArchiPedia is the exchange of diverse cultural data exchange that largely impacts architecture globally.2A ArchiPedia also is a well thought out and well-organized interactive forum that facilitates professional and free interaction between professional architects and related experts worldwide.
Note: This is an online databank of contact address of professionals who support the 2A Academy.

2A Continental Architecture Awards for Asia- Oceania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America and North America [2ACAA]:
2ACAA is that series of Architecture Awards that have been designed to recognize the significant architectural contributions of various organizations and individuals worldwide. In Spite of being a multinational – global
Architecture award, 2ACAA still preserves the essence of uniqueness among all the continents. It is indeed a prestigious and unique global opportunity for architects all across the world to enrich and expand their Architectural knowledge and vision through the profound, in-depth and fascinating exchange of ideas from different parts of the world influenced by multiple cultures, customs, traditions, beliefs, inventions, themes and experiences. These Architecture Awards is a forum that facilitates professional interaction among participants about the new endeavors of the architecture world, and it’s about exploration and discussion of the major accomplishments of the Architectural Arena.

The 2A City- Architecture Movie Award [2ACAMA]:
2ACAMA seeks to straddle the border between the art of film making and the built environment, to see how a novel
narration of urban living can have consequences.
Architecture and movies – cinema intervened more after the technological inventions. Cinema became more inspiring and interesting for the architectural agenda. Movies are studied and analyzed more and more as this field grows. There is a growing scholarship in this field. The fusion of architecture and cinema depicts how these two art forms intervene in a subtle way. The essence of producing spaces in these eternalized worlds becomes more influential.

2A International Institute of Architecture & Design

There will also be an educational activity added in the near future which is called “2A International Institute of Design”, It will be an online program with occasional physical gatherings.
Therefore, 2A has always been attentive and sensitive to current issues that effects human lives at Global level. Displacement is one of the main challenges that affects up to 80 million people around the world. They have been forced to leave their homelands for various reasons such as Wars, draughts, poverty, ethnic and religious conflicts and many other causes. Realizing the critical importance of this issue, 2A Academy has decided to dedicate an issue of 2A Magazine on the subject of Displacement & Architecture.
The causes, the characteristics and possible solutions to mass displacements are presented and investigated by various Authors, Professors and other professionals. We hope that it would help everyone to better understand the causes, the current disastrous condition of those that are suffering by displacement, and finally suggest and investigate solutions, presented by related professionals and experts.