Ahmad Zohadi

The World Expo is one of the largest events, taking place every five years. In this issue, 2A Magazine has focused on Expo 2020 Dubai, which acts as a “Unique Global Opportunity for Professional Interaction ‘’ in Dubai as a landmark city of architecture and art.
Expo 2020 Dubai is also promoting the aspects of the countries that are not contradictory but complementary to one another, because they all have some underlying commonality; which is their richness in culture and history with 192 participating countries with the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” to exchange new ideas and perspectives. The countries pavilions showcase the architecture and cultural identities independently.

Expo 2020 Dubai allows us to witness this beautiful display of various cultures and their characteristics
in a place of the Expo, And in doing so encourages the audience to learn more about various viewpoints
and methodology internationally.
It also facilitates the interaction between the professionals and displays the greatness and abilities in
architecture, culture, technology, strategy etc.

2A Magazine has focused on the professional architectural reflection of shared ideas from various
origins of the pavilions in this edition, And 26 pavilions have been selected to be presented with the
architectural and valuable ideas of Expo 2020 Dubai.
2A’s theme for this edition: Innovative and Transformative Ideas in Architecture

The 2A Magazine’s significant viewpoints of Expo 2020 Dubai:
“Linking together Professionally, Transforming our Future”
“Let’s Shape the Future together by Ideas, Innovations and Inventions”
“Festival of Human Ingenuity”
“An Image of the World Improvement in terms of Sustainable Development”
“Expo 2020 Dubai has also provided a unique, pleasant and safe environment
where the visitors can both enjoy the family entertainment and at the same time
experience the necessary professional aspects of the Expo”

Meanwhile, I have invited some professionals to the advisory board to also contribute to the edition
and share their ideas in the matter.
Furthermore, based on 2A’s in depth studies, some pavilions have also been picked as “Specially
Venerated”, with the some unique architectural attributes and possitive popular feedback.

2A Magazine would like to thank and appreciate the host of Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE for the organising of the professional and unique exhibition with the attendance of 192 countries which are sharing their own viewpoints based on the theme of the Expo in their Pavilions “Connecting minds, Creating the Future”, And it helps enhance peace and compassion through interaction

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