A part of 2A Magazine Viewpoints:
Editorial of 2A Magazine issue 42- Ahmad Zohadi

Architecture is an art and profession, which plays a multi-dimensional role in any society. Its function and responsibility is not merely to create beautiful living spaces, it has to reflect and respond to the social, cultural and economical needs and challenges of that specific society, country, region or continent. Architecture also becomes a vital force, which its importance is much greater than the obvious utilitarian and functional aspect, because it effects all dimensions of the humanity. Of course it is not the only influencing factor, but a very important one.

In a way a high quality and architecturally well designed building adds to the overall value of the town. It not only beautifies the place and make the place more suitable for their inhabitants, it also attracts many visitors whom consciously or subconsciously become attracted to visit and spend time around these places, because their soul and sub conscious mind can attune to the vibrations of those eras and re-live and feel those places and events. Some structures are so impressive and mesmerizing that being in or around them, immediately take you to a different mental and time zone, you completely get attuned and influenced. Based on the above idea, theme of this edition is:

– Compatibility of Form with its Surrounding Environment
– Progressive and Well-Balanced Large Scale Architecture: The determining factor is always the quality not the quantity
– Introduction of a City
– Spiritual Duets

2A is now organizing 2A Continental Architectural Awards for Asia and Europe as an annual event. The event will highlight world achievements in Architecture and in terms of contemporary challenges of the field. Such challenges include: the great diversity of design ideologies and methodologies, new advanced technologies, communications and digital media, new social sensitivities, new technologies in sustainability, and periodic times of economic slowdown.

2A Continental Architectural Award will be a landmark and turning point allowing practitioners to pause and reflect upon what the continents, as part of global community, have achieved in the field of Architecture, what we have done wrong, and where we go from here