Contemporary Indian Architecture
Editorial of 2A Magazine issue 20- Ahmad Zohadi

When Anirudh Paul ( Director of Kamla Raheja Institute for architecture and enviromental studies ) invited 2A magazine to be co- organizer in the program of “Kamla Raheja Memorial Lecture Series & 2A International Architectural Dialogue Series”, in continuation of this activity, we have dicided to plan and focus on the theme of “Architecture & Artists Interaction between Indian and Iranian Professionals” which is related to the root of identity of both countries.

Between these two countries there has been a constant history of trade, migration and a sharing of cultural practices which has extended strongly even in the field of architecture.
Therefore, according to his organization, the conference and exhibition was held professionally in Mumbai, December 2011.

During our conference visit that we were involved with Students, Faculties, some other attendants whom were related to this field , I realized that the indian civilization has a deep and true connection with sprituality, which has effected all aspects of its society ( Culture, Architecture, Art and their identity in general).

I undresood that their root and identity has influenced their architecture. Furthermore, I realized that their traditional architecture has been naturally developed in a sustainable manner, I believe that their underlying cultural, historical and spiritual values has led to the creation of this form of natural sustainability.
As Anirudh Paul has also shared the same view in the conference which he organized in Mumbai “ It is the differing uses of history, to create varied sets of architectural languages within our contemparary framework that is of interest. This is especially true in the context of globalization, which has a powerful tendency to homogenize. It would be interesting to locate, if any, the varying uses of history to create unique architectural forms and languiges different from the global mainstream architectural practices. It could help us locate and validate new languges in contemporary architecture, emerging from context, other than the west, which often seem to get unseen”

According to this vision, I have continued my study in India and visited some other important places like Agra and some beautiful contemparary architectural places in Ahmedabad.
I and my colleagues also met Dr. Doshi and we got many different architectural view points from his talks, thoughts and projects.

Recognizing the importance of this matter, we decided to dedicate a part of the magazine to the subject of “ Cultural History and Architectural Practice in India” so with cooperation with Anirudh, we have invited some professional architect to contribute and share their presentations in this issue of 2A magazine.

I have rediscovered a very rare and unique historical located in the Qeshm Island.
That place is called port of Laaft which has a history of more than 500 years.
A brief presentation about this history port is provided in this issue and we are planing to dedicate more articles and information about port of Laaft in the future 2A issues.