Boutique City: designing for sale

In its third year the UAE-based 2A magazine has published now reached issue #10. Since the beginning, 2A magazine dedicates each issue to a specific and unique theme of research and design topic of focus.

The theme of the current issue of the magazine is ‘Retail and Shopping Malls’ and it is a special issue of the fascinating presentations and discussions of 3rd 2A annual International Conference.

This is in line with the broad 2A activities of conference reports, competitions, awards, etc. and which are published in the various issues of the magazine.
2A supports significant cultural activities related to architecture and art as media partner.

I am pleased and honored to have invited professionals as editorial board members. They will act as advisors to the content of the magazine.
The Third 2A International Conference videos of presentations are now included in a DVD distributed with the magazine.

Annual conferences organized by the magazine will continue. The theme of the 4th 2A annual International Conference is “Design and Sustainability in the UAE”, the details of this will be announced in the next edition and in our website. The Second 2A International Architectural Competition is introduced in the current issue. I have invited four professionals and experts in the field of architecture as members of the Jury.

2A is currently preparing an international award on architectural writings and journalism.
The Art section of 2A magazine continues to feature contemporary artists, galleries art events and exhibitions. The magazine has invited 15 international artists to participate to the first 2A art exhibition on 18 April to 13 May 2009 in Dubai.This new initiative of 2A magazine will bring together painters, calligraphers, photographers and sculptors in a shared event

Our web site will be developed to the ‘2A World Architecture’ network.