Architecture & Landscape -The Dialogue with Nature

“Design that embraces nature is the last solution for Architecture worldwide and architects need to hear the dialogue of nature, hear all the different materials and forms relating to one another.”

In the modern world, architectural design that incorporates nature will be invited into our living space, encouraging an optimum lifestyle that enhances our creativity to live perfectly. In order for Architecture to be fused with nature, the architect should respond to the provided environment and use the available methods and materials. This design process serves a multi- dimensional purpose; it not only beautifies the physical Architecture of buildings, but also is environmentally friendly, biologically healthy, reduces air pollution, promotes a positive psychology in human life, and supports sustainability.

I have chosen to focus this theme on “Architecture & Landscape: The Dialogue with Nature” and to illustrate my vision on this topic with the help of an image in Cappadocia, Turkey.

In order to expand the range of topics, while focusing on a necessary understanding of this current trend of ‘design with nature’, I have invited a group of notable individuals comprising of architects and art researchers to achieve a positive impact and introduce 2A Magazine as a professional architectural reference.

As I have indicated above, when architects start to create the form, space and design using nature, the socially responsible will also accept and it will turn into a culture and lifestyle. Therefore, this issue not only aspires to identify and focus on projects in this field, but also plans to be spread and accepted by architects as the only architectural method. Of course, it could act as the source of inspiration for all other architectural methods as well.

Designing with nature could be used by professors and students as the alphabet of Architecture and Design Schools worldwide. This gesture will develop a new root of Architectural methods and creation of forms and spaces. Consequently, this is an invitation from 2A Architecture & Art Magazine to highlight and focus on creating a universal architectural language that incorporates nature as a priority, and to communicate this among the global architectural community.