Multi- dimensional role & responsibility of architecture in the 21st century
Editorial of 2A Magazine issue 38- Ahmad Zohadi

Architecture from Various Continents

Architecture is an art and profession, which plays a multi-dimensional role in any society. Its function and responsibility is not merely to cre- ate beautiful living spaces, it has to reflect and respond to the social, cultural and economical needs and challenges of that specific soci- ety, country, region or continent.

Even within a certain society, there are different groups and issues, which may need special support and consideration. 2A magazine has been committed to focus on these challenges in the past 11 years, specialized issues such as women in architecture, significance of cultural identity, spirituality, sustainability and many other impor- tant local and global concerns has been published.

In continuation of our efforts, starting with Asia Architecture Award for the past two years.
2A has started the challenge of creating an international reference of regional architecture in different areas of the world, although, ar- chitecture is growing differently in various regions of the world and new concepts are changing and transforming the life of people in 21st century, and despite this colorful variety, the reference mod- el helps architects to have certain criteria and useful information in mind when designing a project in any region.

2A, specialized and well- known architectural magazine could be a sensitive and effective media element which can reflect an actual image of architecture by focusing on different regional architecture and promote and re-introduce the importance and necessities of considering cultural identity of various regions by publishing articles in the Magazine, and also by using other ways such as 2AAA Asia Archi- tecture Award, and starting in 2017 America Architecture Award and Europe Architecture award, and Africa and Oceania in the following years, which will focus and encourage both the young and profes- sional architects to be more attentive to each continents cultural and regional needs.

For instance Asia is now engaged in creating and designing buildings and cities that are relevant to their particular geographies. The Asia Architecture Award was an attempt to offer a long overdue recogni- tion to a whole new class of Asian architects.

The 2A Asia Architecture award goal was and will be, to avoid the extinction of cultural identity in architecture and emphasis on these unique distinctions rather than global modernism. The competition is designed to highlight and recognize essence of Asian Architecture and present them to the audience. For example cultural memory, continuity and integrity is of the essence.

I believe the architectural approaches must successfully reflect the real picture of architecture in any region, which is able to respond to the real cultural, social, and spiritual inclinations and needs of its people.

2A Magazine believes that culture, social and spiritual values directly and indirectly effect our lives in all dimensions specially in form, figure and space.

The older traditions like traditional eastern societies have a certain design structure which has been kept throughout many years be- cause they have respected and followed their traditional, cultural design and structure which was based on their social, cultural and spiritual values.

There are plenty of examples which can illustrate this fact, for ex- ample, If we look at the Japanese contemporary architecture, we can clearly observe that it has its origin from traditional, cultural and spiritual principals but at the same time it is harmonized with neces- sities of modern life.

2A magazine’s vision has always supported and encouraged this type of sustainable projects, and the architects who create designs and projects which meet those criterias in which the cultural and regional needs of the inhabitants are considered.

Furthermore, Architecture plays a more subtle but greater role in to- day’s war stricken world, which faces many regional and global crisis and conflicts.
Any form of art like architecture have a magical quality which may be subtle and invisible to many people. It has the power to help both the artists and its observers to shift their attention and viewpoints from the material to more subtle esthetic, ethical, social, cultural and sometimes spiritual dimensions. And in doing so it helps to bring peo- ple closer together, and enhance peace, kindness and unity among different ethnic groups and nations. In a way, it shifts the focus from segregation to unity. From dividing mental approach which may fo- cus only on differences which tries to show one group is superior to another, into a more humanistic and even spiritual approach which focuses on similarities and unifying factors such as esthetic, common human emotions such as need to love, charity and worship.

2A magazine by organizing events such as 2AAA hopes to achieve a broader goal, which is by bringing Architects whom are also creative artists, together and providing an opportunity for sharing and inter- acting, and help to enhance peace, love and unity among various people from different regions, countries and continents.

Which in subtle ways will spread the wave of unity, friendship and peace around the world.